Encouraging and equipping you to

Live in the Story

by remembering, rehearsing, and retelling the Good News.

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and explore with us the Story we believe changes everything: The Story of the love between the Father and the Son in the fellowship of the Spirit. Live in the Story is here to help you live more intentionally and freely within this Story.

The Video

There's a grand Story that makes sense of the smaller stories of our lives.

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A snapshot of how one 9 year old boy is learning to live within the story that changes everything.

"The story begins and ends in joy."

J.R.R. Tolkien


“Story is the stuff of life.”

What is Live in the Story?

Did you know that God is writing an epic Story in which He reconciles, restores, and renews all things?

It's true.

At Live in the Story, we have a love-hate relationship with movies (i.e., stories), especially the best ones, because they always end.

But there is one Story, and only one Story, that is eternal, with neither a beginning nor an ending. It is the Story of the eternal love of the Father, Son, and Spirit, and we've been written into this Story by grace through faith.

Our goal, then, is to daily remind Christians that Christianity is not such much about telling a great story with your life as it is about living simply and intentionally within the love Story of Jesus and his Father that's been opened up to include us.

There is only one grand Story writer, and in his grace, mercy, and kindness, he has written us into the greatest Story ever told. We believe that it is this Story that changes everything.

Will you join us as we explore the Story of all stories? We believe that remembering, rehearsing, and retelling the love Story of the Father and His Son in the fellowship of the Spirit will help you see the entirety of your life with fresh eyes and live each day with renewed hope.

"If someone writes a great story, people praise the author not the pen…
We are pens in the hands of a creative God. He is the author of our stories."

Keith Green


Articles from Story Participants.

“The secret of the whole story of humanity is the love between the Father and the Son. That is at the root of it all. Upon the love between the Son and the Father hangs the whole universe.”

George MacDonald


Helps for you as you Live in the Story

The Quest to Tell
a Good Story

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The Story That Changes Everything.

Six general sessions. Sixty workshops. Fifty exhibitors. One Story.

Scotty Smith • Mike Reeves • Vermon Pierre
Dr. Sharen Ford • Johnny Carr • Noel Piper

The Together for Adoption National Conference
Louisville, KY // Southern Theological Seminary
October 4-5

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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain